Be Glad This Blog Ain’t Scratch ‘n’ Sniff

8 thoughts on “Be Glad This Blog Ain’t Scratch ‘n’ Sniff”

  1. And for the concerned and the animal lovers in the crowd: The dog is fine. We have learned though, that while knuckle bones are just dandy, femur bones are to be avoided AT ALL COSTS. (And yes, we buy all her bones at the raw pet food store, it’s just her particular quirk that those bones made her ill).

  2. count me as one of the dog owners. i’ve had my share of dog messes to clean up after having two dogs, who both have gone over the rainbow bridge and now on my next generation of pups!

    i’m so glad to here sasha is OK! and that the problem was the dog bones. one will find out what one’s dog can and can’t have! my first two couldn’t hold the rawhide bones, so i don’t even bother with them this round. piggy ears were usually a favorite as well as cow hoofs – tho the smell of them might not sit well.

    sorry about the mess, but after 8 hours the poor girl probalby couldn’t hold it any longer.

  3. Jen, the only difference between you & your dog is that your dog shits on the floor and you shit on your website.

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