Scene: Wiederick/Watkiss household. Wednesday Morning, 7:45am.

Him: You know what I hate? I hate it when someone has the technical knowledge to do a task and just doesn’t do it.

Her: What do you mean?

Him: Well, the task has been discussed, it’s on the board, they know how to do it. They’ve acknoweldged that it needs to be done. Then I walk over and they’re reading Slashdot, and when I ask why it’s not done they said “it never occured to them” to start on it.

Her: Yah. I’ve had staff like that. It sucks.

Him: Ok, I’m gonna take the dog out – back in a few.

15 minutes goes by

Him: Hey! I’m back! You know, you might want to put a dog blanket or something on the couch, the dog’s really muddy!

Her: You know what I hate?

Him: What?

Her: When someone has the technical knowledge to accomplish a task, acknowledges it needs to be done, and then it just never occurs to them to actually do it….

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