I’ll admit, I haven’t exactly been feeling the Christmas Spirit the past little while.

Yes, we have the tree, and lights, and carols and parties galore! Not to mention, we’re young, in love, and engaged! Despite all that, things just haven’t been… cheery.

This morning over our usual Coffee and Breakfast TV in Bed, Neil and I figured out why: We’ve been trying to celebrate with people who are staunchly resisting celebration.

Now I know misery loves company and all that – you only need to glance toward any passel of angsty teenagers to figure that one out – but when did all these people I know turn into such… complainers and parade-rainer-on-ers?

Apparently unlike a lot of the people I’ve encountered of late, I’m pretty sure I’m managing to adhere to the “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all” school of interpersonal relations.

Unfortunately, after the week I’ve had, that mantra’s left me feeling mostly silent – because I refuse to let my good mood be dragged down and squelched by those who’d rather by cynical than celebratory.

Neil and I both spent FAR too many years of our lives with people whose default reaction to everything was negativity and suckitude.


The present we’re giving to ourselves this year? Spending time only with those who can muster up a smile and a happy holidays without following it up with a complaint or criticism or contradiction of some sort.

As far as this (obviously somewhat hypocritical) little rant? It’s the official end of my own personal Grinchitude.

And my Christmas wish to everyone else? That you take some time to realize how very blessed you are in your own lives, and end your campaigns of crankiness as well!

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7 thoughts on “Grinchified

  1. Mark

    F U C K Y O U !

    heh heh just kidding, love ya. Might be flying in saturday after all, so get your rum cake orders in now, it’s a carry-on-only trip.

  2. Chris

    Hopefully we haven’t been among those bringing you down!

    Neither Mel or I are really into “Christmas”, if you define Christmas as yule logs and mistletoe and presents under the tree and stuff. So, if you ask us if we’ve done our Christmas shopping, we’ll tell you that we’re not buying anything, but we try not to go into 10 minute rants about the evils of commercialism.

    We DO like a good celebration – four parties in 24 hours this past weekend – so we’re not total grinches 🙂

  3. Diane

    well you should come by our place it looks like a Santa display in the mall.. hahhahhah. T and I are totally into Christmas, decoartaions, cookies, cocktails…. Well we will have to inspire you tonight over some nog… hahahaha see you later.

  4. peechie Post author

    Mark: Rum cake – awesome!

    Chris: If I ask someone something about the holidays, and they say (like in your example) they’re not buying anything, then fine. It’s when I’ve said to a friend (again, just to use your example) “Hey, I feel great, I’ve finished my shopping!” and they don’t respond with a friendly “Good for you!” – but insist on replying solely with, or even tacking on “I don’t have to worry about that, I’m not buying anything.” Sometimes it’s nice if people can just shut up and be happy for someone else without making it all about themselves. It’s not about the shopping, or whatever else the conversation may be about – I don’t care if anyone “shops” or not. It’s just about being a gracious friend. I’ve encountered just a smidge too much of that not-so-gracious self-centered attitude lately, and have definitely reached my I-need-a-winter-vacation patience limit.

    Diane: Looking forward to seeing you guys tonight – you’re always tons of fun!

  5. Chris

    Yes, that would be annoying. I must admit that I am guilty of recommending a no-buy Christmas from time to time, but I usually try to put more of a helpful spin on it. For instance, when a friend had trouble trying to find a present for an uncle that “had everything”, I suggested that instead of hitting up the mall she should perhaps give to charity in someone’s name. She ended up buying a goat for him, and he loves it 🙂

    ‘Tis getting rather late in the season for it, but perhaps next season if you encounter some hostility, you can bring it up with the person directly, at the time, and have a chat about it. Perhaps there’s a misinterpretation or misunderstanding, or maybe the person had no idea that they were acting so overtly negative. Hell, they may be so appreciative of the friendly reminder that they’ll let you count that as their Christmas gift 😉

  6. Crissy

    Just say NO to grumps!!

    Grumpy people at this time of year are sooo lame. Seriously, if they’re gonna be down, don’t try to bring everyone else down with you!

    So just ignore those people – and try to enjoy what’s left of the holiday season. 🙂


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