The Trouble with Love

I suppose I forgot to tell you all that the firefighter replied to my response to his initial email. He was kind and cordial and wished me all the happiness in the world (and apologized for being such a dumbass).

His surprise contact led to a lot of thinking about the past couple years, and the adventures in dating.

It almost seems surreal.

I mean, really. Reading back through the archives, I’ve been through a lot.

What do you do when you end up with a date who talks during movies? You ditch him of course.

What do you do when you find someone who thinks you’re not so much a real person as the sum of your blog posts? Dump him via the blog of course. Sayonnara.

How many times I suffered through being stood up, or subjected to just plain bad manners?

Maybe you give up and run away for some quality time on the beach like I did.

But then what do you do when you stumble upon the person of your dreams?

What do you do when you find someone whose sentences you finish, and who finishes yours? Someone who feels like an old friend from the moment you’ve met? Someone who actually meets and exceeds your Ridiculously High Standards and adds to your life in ways you never imagined? And (don’t read this part Mom & Dad) who also rocks your effin’ socks off in the bedroom, in ways you didn’t even know they could be rocked?

What do you do when you fall in love in an instant and can honestly say each day is better than the last? When you’ve found your soul mate, your perfect partner, your true love?

You say “Yes” of course.

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37 thoughts on “The Trouble with Love

  1. Gwen

    It’s always amazing to look back upon a year like the one you had – such great strides and difference in daily life! Congratulations! =)

  2. jhezika

    Congrats! That’s one fine looking rock you got there, lady. I’ll toast you both with my juice for all the best. ^__^

  3. Jill in CA

    Wow, congratulations!! I hope you don’t mind me posting; I was so happy to see you and Neil become so happy together. He totally deserves to be happy and you seem so cool; I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog. I hope the two of you have a gloriously happy life together. šŸ™‚

  4. Cami

    I was just thinking it: “why, you get married, of course!” Then I clicked the link and saw the ring. What wonderful news!

    My wife and I have been finishing each other’s sentences since the day we met. What you wrote here absolutely reflects my reality of marriage: it’s home, pure and simple.

    May you always be so blessed.

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