Cooking at Home

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  1. The GF Grill actually works pretty well, once you get your head around it. i agree that “regular” sized cuts come out awful: burned outside and raw inside. Remember that you only have to be 10% smarter than that which you’re trying to conquer. Look for the ‘thin cut’ steaks at the grocery or if you have the luxury, a butcher (I don’t.. and don’t buy anything here on a saturday or monday).
    The GF grill also makes great grilled cheese sandwiches and I also use it for browning “bulk” ground-whatever for adding to other dishes that are on the stove-top.

  2. The Joy of Cooking is kick-ass. I also highly recommend “The Best of the Best” cookbook. It’s a collection of recipes from the Best of Bridge series, and I have yet to be disappointed by anything in it.

  3. The Fannie Farmer Cookbook is also excellent, and my foodie ex-roommate Tara prefers it to the Joy, although of course she has both.

    When I forget how to cook a cob of corn or a hard-boiled egg (timing is everything), it’s my reference. And it does all the complicated stuff too.

    Best thing? The current edition is compiled by a woman whose REAL name is Marion Cunningham, just like the mom on “Happy Days.”

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