3 thoughts on “TiVo-Myth”

  1. Fair enough. I definitely wouldn’t consider myself “someone who really enjoys television”, so I guess TiVo is not for me :).

    Since I’ve got the box set up, I’ve done no hacking on it, and see no need to do any more hacking on it, so I doubt I’ll spend an hour a month fixing things up.

    David Bach has a point, but there’s a key phrase in that quote that makes it not apply in my situation – “if you can hire someone to do the thigns that keep you from being the best you can be at your work“. The Myth box was made entirely in my leisure time – I basically took the time that I would have played video games and made the machine instead. I didn’t skip work or work-related activities for it – I found that hacking on it was fun and relaxing. I also ended up learning a little bit about linux and computers, which I could argue is tangentially work related.

    I agree wholeheartedly with your summary – I’m not about to recommend that my parents build their own PVR, nor was my intention to evangelize with my comment. That said, since I fall firmly into the “people who enjoy a computer-based multimedia experience” category, I still consider Myth to be better for me 🙂

  2. What I want to know is where you got your TiVo (I thought it was only available in the States) and how much it cost initially? Also, are you subscribed to Shaw cable or do you go with something else?

  3. I bought the TiVo at BestBuy in Bellingham. The 40 hour Series 2 single tuner box was $299 USD. It’s true, the boxes are only available in the US, and you should be declaring it and paying duty & tax on it when you bring it over.

    One of the great things with TiVo is that it works with any cable or satellite provider. (or no provider at all, as the case may be). I use Shaw cable, but you can set it to work with a satellite or alternative cable provider, or just an antenna as well.

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