Miiiiiiiiiii Niiiiiiiiiii

Scene: Morning in the Watkiss/Wiederick household.

The boy has just made coffee and delivered it to the girl, who has turned on the morning news and thrown some sort of squeaking, slobbery something across the room for the umpteenth time to avoid a storm of morningdogbreath kisses.

The coffee has led to cuddling, which has led to canoodling, which has led to… well… let’s keep this one PG for the kids out there.

Suddenly, it happens.


That goddamn Mini Wheats commercial is on AGAIN!

Suddenly both humans in the room propel themselves violently into action in a frantic search for the remote control!

The suddenly frightened dog whines and cowers behind the door.


Remote found!

Commercial Muted!

Unfortunately not before that goddamned theme song is firmly stuck in the girl’s head for the rest of the day.

Miiiiiiiiii Niiiiiiiii FUCK FUCK FUCK.

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6 thoughts on “Miiiiiiiiiii Niiiiiiiiiii

  1. April

    I just finally got that song out of my head since my boyfriend insists on singing it on a daily basis…now I have it stuck in my head again…ARGH!! 🙂

  2. NetChick

    I still don’t think it’s as bad as: “Hand in your pocket, hand in your pocket, hand in your poooocket…”

    I’ll forever rue the day I heard that stupid commercial for the first time, but you are right, this one is almost as bad.

  3. Gwen

    Yes, something inside me screams as well when I hear this commerical. It’s just too d*mn perky! And those meatheads dancing with the hula girl bother me for some reason….

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