Use your Noodle

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  1. broth, you drink straight from the bowl if there’s no spoon.

    rice, you lift the bowl/box/plate to your lips and shovel/push the rice into your mouth with the chopsticks.

    it’s not very classy according to north american standards, but it works and that’s all that really matters when you’re hungry.

  2. I totally drink out of the bowl when consuming soup sans spoon.

    The problem in Korea is that everything comes with a spoon. One gigantic soup spoon and two of the thinnest, slipperiest, most awkward metal chopsticks you have ever used.

    And I was informed that drinking from the bowl in Korea (at least in public) is rude.

    Riceface though – I can do that šŸ™‚

  3. Agreed with Heather.
    With “Jasmine” rice (plain steamed), you can remain delicate-looking and pick up clumps with chopsticks metal or otherwise. Once you throw on a runny sauce or have unsticky fried rice, delicacy goes out the window and if you want the last niblets (Asian girls are scar(r)ed by mothers who say the number of rice grains you leave will be the number of pockmarks on your future husband’s face), you just pick up your bowl and shovel it.
    But if you only had a wide-lip take-out container, can totally understand and niblet-by-niblet you go.

  4. Hey neat! Noodle Box was one of my favourite restaurants in Victoria. I can definitely recommend the Chili Plum and Spicy Peanut.

    The long-ish wait was part of the experience at the original one in Victoria, too. You could see the cooks flying through the order lineup while you waited. It always amazed me how hot the woks got without burning the food. You could literally feel the heat across the room if you sat at one of the back tables. As if the spicy noodles weren’t enough! Good times =)

  5. It amuses me to see non-Asian folks trying to eat rice off a plate with chopsticks. This could be the newest fad diet — eat EVERYTHING with chopsticks. You’ll be so frustrated after 30 minutes that you’ll just give up eating.

    I was having lunch at an Asian place a few days ago and we both ordered fried rice. She struggled mightily with trying to pick up grains of rice with her chopsticks… I copied her just so that she wouldn’t feel bad. But after a few minutes, I just switched to a fork.

    Order your rice next time in a bowl and use the shovel method. It’s not pretty but it sure is efficient! šŸ™‚

  6. Phone ahead to avoid the wait! That is what I do in Victoria, and it is sweet. Especially to breeze in there, hop to the front of the line, and pick up your order waiting for you.


  7. The rice here in Korea is sticky, so it’s easier to eat with chopsticks. Koreans can’t eat North American-style rice with chopsticks, either.

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