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Eight things you (probably) don’t know about me

1. I don’t like Cilantro. But I eat it anyway, because it’s mostly impossible to have Mexican food without it.

2. I don’t actually work better under pressure – I’m just such a procrastinator that I’m used to doing it and have become just as effective working under deadline stress as not.

3. I start most days by picking my nose. It gets dry and crusty in there overnight, ok! Don’t judge – I know you do it too.

4. I regularly conduct my life as if I have an audience, like I’m some character on a sit-com or something.

5. My house never looks as clean as it does when you see it. But I won’t ever let you see my mess, so you can pretend it looks that good all the time!

6. I didn’t actually lose that 35lbs a couple years ago by monitoring my diet and exercise. I did try Weight Watchers, and put a lot of their suggestions into practice for matintenance – but I only actually lost about 8 lbs on the program. The weight loss actually came from a result of changing the way I conducted my entire life because I actually started liking myself again. I became more socially and physically active, stopped worrying about food or what other people thought of me, and suddenly the pounds just kinda melted away. I don’t usually tell anyone that, because it’s hard to explain, and I don’t think they really believe me anyway.

7. The real reason I hate flying is because it really messes with my digestive system. The combination of dehydration and being wedged into an uncomfortable seated position is so bad that every 3 hours on a plane is one day on the ground that I don’t poop (just imagine what that 11 hour flight to Korea did to me!) Then my body spends the next week being bloated and trying to regulate itself. Usually just in time for me to get back on a plane to fly home and repeat the entire process.

8. Those days when I tell my boyfriend at dinner I’m “not really that hungry” it’s not usually because I’m just generally not hungry – it’s probably because in the 40 minutes between when I got home from work and when he got home from work, I ate half a dozen cookies or a KD Easy Mac. Because I was hungry, and went and did something about it. I really can’t help it! The cookies… they call to me….

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One thought on “Octopussy

  1. Travis

    I read #4 and then went back and read #3 again. I worry what you’d be like if you lived as though NO ONE was watching! 🙂

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