Dear Guy in the Office Next Door

Hi Guy,

I don’t know your name, or what your business is. Except that it requires you to answer your cell phone. A lot.

Then take it for a wander past my office door into the hallway. Which is also adjacent to my office. And the walls? They are thin. And the door from the offices into the hallway (which – you guessed it – next to my office) chimes every. Single. Time. Someone goes through it.

Bottom line: I hear you talking. And the door chiming. All. Damn. Day.

Do you have reception problems? Because I’m guessing it’s better in your office than in the hallway. Or maybe get a better phone? Or use your office phone?

Perhaps you like the exercise? May I recommend a treadmill? Or perhaps a gym membership? I know we all like to multitask, but I promise you, your workout and your work will be far more effective if you just focus on one or the other.

What I’m saying, Guy in the Office Next Door, is maybe it’s time for you to have a nice cup up sit the hell down and shut the fuck up.


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