I have a fashion dilemma at the moment, and am turning to the internets for advice.

This is probably a mistake, since (from what I can figure) most people who comment here are guys. And I would feel confident putting money down on the fact that if the guys haven’t already tuned out after reading the words “fashion dilemma” they will as soon as they realize I’m not about to divulge any sort of wardrobe malfunction.

However, the situation is dire, so I am soldiering on with the faith that someone out there will offer up a solution.

Like most people in the world, I have a finite amount of disposable income. When I am not busy spending it on hookers and blow, I occasionally buy new clothes. In the coming month, I feel I must purchase two distinct kinds of clothing, and can only afford one. Which to choose?

Situation A: I’m attending the wedding of an acquaintance of my boyfriend. This is a fancy schmancy wedding requiring cocktail attire. I, being the princess I am, feel I need a new cocktail dress to wow the pants off of the acquaintance and other friends, showing off the hotness that my boyfriend has snagged all for his very own.

Case For Situation A: I will be stunning and hot and fancy schmancy, just as I feel the need to be.

Case Against Situation A: I already own a little black dress, and will shortly own another semi-formal dress that’s been ordered for another wedding (arriving too late to wear to this one) which would bring the items I have in my closet that I don’t have nearly enough occasion to wear to a somewhat critical mass.

Situation B: I’m going to be moving into a more professional job than the one I’m currently in. The last time I had to wear business casual clothing on a regular basis, I was 35lbs heavier. Of course as soon as I lost the weight I also lost the clothes, so I’m now in a position where I need to acquire more.

Case For Situation B: I actually need these clothes, bottom line, and will have to buy them sooner or later. I’m really just wondering how far I can push the “later” before a client clues in that I’ve worn the same tired black pants the last three times we’ve seen eachother.

Case Against Situation B: I do have some business casual clothing that will be perfectly appropriate for my new job. More than a week’s worth of outfits even. And shopping for cocktail dresses is just plain more fun than shopping for suits.

So, gentle readers, what would you do? Or should I just give up entirely and ask Amalah?

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18 thoughts on “Dilemma

  1. diane

    buy the dress… everything is on sale now and you should beable to find something “wow” for less at this time of year. ( since it seems to be a summer wedding ) The business attire just buy a nice suit that you can mix match blouses, skirt other pants. This way you can always make your “one great suit ” work many different ways. Accessories work wonders on same outfits especially suits.

  2. -j.

    Yeah, although I usually tend towards practicality myself, I agree with treating yourself to the dress. I figure you can buy the business clothes with the first paycheque from the new job, no? 😉

  3. Chris

    As a person who sees clothes as something you wear as opposed to status icons / ego boosters, I would have to vote for the business clothes. You already have a nice dress – why not wear it? The only ones who will know it’s not new are you and Neil.

  4. Lizzie

    Do any of your friends have a cute little number you can borrow for the wedding?

    I work from home, and live in very casual clothing, so I can relate. I know it would be senseless for me to spend a lot of money on something I would wear once (maybe twice). Borrowing works for me!

  5. donna

    This might shock people, but I actually own a *lot* (like, 10 or 12 or so) of cute little party dresses. However, in my who-am-I-and-where-is-donna defense, all four of my uncles kids AND said uncle AND a random cousin got married within a year of each other, and I might not have a lot of fashion sense, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to wear the same thing to each wedding when this is literally the only time I’ll see most of these people for years. (Or so I thought — then they all started popping out kids…we’re up to 8 offspring of those 6 weddings, including two sets of twins.)

    On the upside, I did guilt my mother into buying one of the dresses for me. And a new pair of shoes. 🙂

    So, I say… go for the dress. I’ve got a closetful, and I haven’t exploded yet.

  6. dearheart

    I agree with both Chris and Lizzie. Buy the work clothes. I know it’s more boring, but it’s also better value for your money. And surely *someone* has something you can borrow? Donna, you should lend Jen a dress! 😉

  7. jen

    i say buy the dress. dresses are way more fun. find one that makes you feel fantastic and you’ll have a great time. 🙂 you should get some sassy shoes to go with it too.

  8. amandamarie

    so ya…if i was in your shoes, i would so totally go splurge on the dress. find something that looks great….and dont worry about the price tag! if it looks good go for it! we all have to spoil ourselves sometimes right??? 🙂

    GOOD LUCK!!!!

  9. Dixon

    Yes, I’m a practical person, too, so I would vote for the business clothes as you will get more bang for your buck.

  10. Matt

    I’m voting for the business clothes, too. That said.. why can’t you do BOTH? If you bargain shopped a bit on the dress, it could be doable?

    I like to make things complicated.

  11. April

    BUY THE DRESS! You’re only young once and there is plenty of time to be practical when you’re old and gray and no longer able to show off the hotness!

  12. Sue

    I say buy the dress. You can get by with business casual or even casual until the weather gets cooler, when you can start to pick up a few choice items to spruce up your wardrobe.

  13. Courtney

    I’d go with the dress and if you find one on super sale you might even have enough left over to buy some work clothes. Jacob is having a fantastic sale on their cute summer dresses.

  14. Christina

    “Wedding of an acquaintance of my boyfriend.”

    Why is it such a concern to impress acquaintances that aren’t even your acquaintances? I vote you buy the work clothes.

  15. peechie Post author

    It’s not so much a matter of impressing these people specifically as much as being impressive in general. I’m basically bored of my LBD and would rather justify a new but not-so-practical addition to my closet 🙂

    That said, I’ve been out shopping for dresses for the past week, and have found NOTHING that I like that fits, no matter what the price tag.

  16. bree

    I vote for business clothes, for all the reasons mentioned above. Buy some new accessories for the LBD to jazz it up for this occasion.

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