Work is currently devouring my soul. And all of my time.

Instead of providing any real content I shall ask you, dear readers, to share your favourite way to de-stress.



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14 thoughts on “Kaboom

  1. -j.

    (1) Something creative…write/draw/paint/cook/whatever. Express yourself!

    (2) You already have access to one of the best stress-busters on the planet: a dog. Nothing beats work like play.

  2. Crono101

    i know what can pass the time but it doesn’t help stress…..
    its not gorey its just a riddle site but it can really grind your gears….or it just might increase stress….but if you do it i can promise it’ll give you something to blog about forever! muahaha
    ……stress..try listening to enya or frou frou

  3. Lindsey

    I like all of the above! I would definitley infuse some “LUSH” products into the evening, wine, good friends, maybe a movie to make you laugh – but it sounds like you have all of the advice you need – the biggest task of all… DOING IT – and actually taking a break! Soon the weekend will come Jen – if that’s any consolation.

  4. Diane

    Las Margs hot summer night patio…. heheheh Tuesday. shots of tequilla might work…..

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