The Missing Sync

8 thoughts on “The Missing Sync”

  1. You just need a mac πŸ™‚ You can sync your palm with iCal (not using that hideous Palm Desktop stuff), and iCal syncs with GCal πŸ™‚

  2. Heh, gmail, gcal, and gchat. Google just needs to offer a banking service and then they’d really have ALL of our information, eh?

  3. actually chris, if you have a palm you still need to configure isync with your hotsync software (that comes with the palm desktop). so the hideiousness is still there. although, i’d like to add that isync is the only thing that i found that could maintain something on the web, a mobile device like a phone or a pda, and your ipod.

  4. Ritchie: you don’t have to USE the palm desktop though, that’s the improvement. Installing it was no big deal. To sync the palm, all I do is open it and hit “hotsync”, and there we go, iCal is synced. If I want configuration, I do it through iSync, and the interface is really easy.

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