The Missing Sync

**If you’re just here looking for Palm –> Yahoo Calendar Syncing instructions – scroll down, they’re just past the jump**

I’m a bit of a freak for organization, and I’ve been managing my calendar for the past few years from a semi-ancient Sony Clie (Palm OS 4.0), and using the Palm Desktop on each of my three computers, since the Hotsync software doesn’t seem to be compatible with Outlook 2003, and I use Outlook Express (sans calendar) at work.

Obviously I’m sick of that solution, as it’s clunky, requires me to carry my Sync cable around to each computer, and Palm Desktop lacks any semblance of functionality outside of “this event occurs at this time, would you like a reminder or not?”

I figured I’d start using Google’s pretty calendar application instead. Or so I thought.

The people at Palm seem to be the only ones who use their particular format of calendaring (.dba) which doesn’t import into Outlook or GCal. I couldn’t find any sort of conversion tool to make it a .csv – Excel was worse than useless – and I figured I’d have to either use the Palm Desktop forever, or manually enter every appointment I have in the future and go through the year of events to re-enter every birthday, anniversary and other recurring entry I’ve ever made.

I just don’t have that kind of time. Who does?

Thankfully, after an hour or so of searching for solutions I discovered that the good people at Yahoo have partnered up with those at Intellisync (whose product version I have doesn’t work with Outlook 2003 or Google) so that those using the Palm OS can one-click sync their PDA’s to the online Yahoo calender!

Enter the chorus of angels from on high, etc., hallelujah and amen.

I can’t believe nobody else did this.

Unfortunately most people in my life are Googleholics, using gmail, gcal and gchat. While I’m sure I could export the yahoo.csv into gcal, I’d really REALLY love it if Google also stepped up and started offering support for syncing directly from my Palm PDA into their calendar.

In the meantime, I suppose you’ll find me on yahoo – peechie1980. See you there!

Syncing your Palm device with Yahoo Calendar

  • Visit your local yahoo.xx and sign up for an account
  • Click on Calendar
  • Click on the “Sync” link on the top right
  • Download “Intellisync for Yahoo”
  • Install Intellisync, and follow setup instructions
  • Run Intellisync for Yahoo – also requires tapping the hotsync button on your Palm
  • Watch as your calendar suddenly appears online!
  • Rejoice!
  • You can now use Yahoo calendar to export your itinerary into a standard .csv format
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    8 thoughts on “The Missing Sync

    1. Chris

      You just need a mac πŸ™‚ You can sync your palm with iCal (not using that hideous Palm Desktop stuff), and iCal syncs with GCal πŸ™‚

    2. Ali

      Heh, gmail, gcal, and gchat. Google just needs to offer a banking service and then they’d really have ALL of our information, eh?

    3. ritchie

      actually chris, if you have a palm you still need to configure isync with your hotsync software (that comes with the palm desktop). so the hideiousness is still there. although, i’d like to add that isync is the only thing that i found that could maintain something on the web, a mobile device like a phone or a pda, and your ipod.

    4. Chris

      Ritchie: you don’t have to USE the palm desktop though, that’s the improvement. Installing it was no big deal. To sync the palm, all I do is open it and hit “hotsync”, and there we go, iCal is synced. If I want configuration, I do it through iSync, and the interface is really easy.

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