Interest Bearing Accounts

I ventured out to Abbotsford a couple times this past weekend for Neil’s 10-year High School reunion. A note to those who don’t know any of their partner’s high school friends (especially when said partner has kept in touch with exactly no-one) – damn yo, those things are BORING!

Thankfully I managed to keep myself entertained by coming up with some creative metaphors for the uh… enhancements… some girls had made since graduating.

**I’ll add the disclaimer here that I have no beef with those who decide to get plastic surgery. It’s not for me right now, it may be some day, who knows. But in the meantime, I reserve the right to mercilessly mock those who make themselves look completely unnatural for reasons I’ll probably never understand**

It all started last week when we were at Safeway, and some chick walked by with a rack that, despite its mass, completely defied gravity. Neil was, being a guy, called out for gawking, and I replied to his gaping maw by stating that I too could have those installed for a fee. However, I prefer to put my money into something more stable.

Then I realized that those certainly don’t look as if they’re going anywhere.

Enter the first set of fake tits at the reunion, we instantly remembered the Safeway incident, and the financial metaphors began to flow. It’s surprising how easily the two (no pun intended) bounce (I couldn’t help myself) off each other (bahahaha….. oy.).

Me: I’d really like to have a firmer grasp on my finances
He: If those were your finances, I’d DEFINITELY like a firm grasp on them!

He: Perhaps you’d like to invest in something with a higher interest yield
Me: True, though those seem to be bearing PLENTY of interest

Ok go – your turn!

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6 thoughts on “Interest Bearing Accounts

  1. Lindsey

    HAHAH!! I see “the blonde” – (no names mentioned) in our hometown all of the time… wow.. let’s just say that she’s well known. I’m not surprised that she showed up like that… She’s the “life of the party” if ya know wut I mean…

  2. Fran

    I guess if your looking for ‘that’ kind of attention it’s a good thing πŸ™‚

    Other than that all I can say is those things don’t exactly last a lifetime… 10-15 yrs and you need a replacement set πŸ˜‰ lol Imagine that when you are 72 and one deflates!

  3. Ghosty

    Investing now? Have they had their IPO (Initial Public Offering) yet? I’d like to get a good feel for that investment before the bubble bursts again. Perhaps I’ll get in between the stock split and out before a major merger occurs. What do you think?

  4. Kim

    Ooof. I was reading Neil’s blog and almost left a really catty comment, but thought that I’d be above that.

    Then I came over here and realized I didn’t have to be. Hahahaha! But then you did a much better job of it than I could, so now I am not going to contribute to the observations, as I will not be witty enough. So sad.

    And I agree, there are much, much better places to put my money.

  5. Hunter

    I like boobies!!!!
    Sometimes over 10yrs boobs can grow but your sense of humor and character doesnt need to change a bit.

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