State of the Union

I’m thinking that I’ve been pretty vague in the laundry list-ing of the goings on in my world these days on the watercooler. Since I know there’s at least a few of you out there who use it to keep up with the goings on of things in my world, here’s a breakdown of what the hell I’ve been up to:

Things with Neil are going really well. We just moved in together, the day after our three month-iversary in fact. The date was total coincidence – it was really the only weekend day we had available until sometime in August. It also sounds like it was rushed to some people – but that’s how we roll. He’s the first (and I hope the last) boy I’ve deemed worthy enough to share personal space with, so it’s overwhelming and exciting and amazing all at once. And I can say with absolute conviction that the only reason it works at all is because we have two bathrooms. Some things should definitely remain a mystery.

Work is officially crazy busy again. I think it’s going to take much more of a toll this year. As I’ve learned working with volunteers and members of non-profits in general, it’s a bit of a Catch 22. The passion and selflessness of those involved with the organization are what makes it such a rewarding place to be. However, while they’re at their day jobs, I’m at the club acting on that passion and selflessness – then when they make their way here, putting in their time being passionate and selfless, I’m trying to give the same amount of myself to my friends, family, and other interests that I’m passionate about. Since perception is everything, and so many people fail to see anything that doesn’t happen right in front of their faces, it takes a toll trying to manage an image of working hard for the organization while they’re not here, and maintaining some sort of work-life balance.

I’ve also got social plans out the wazoo for most of the rest of the summer. This coming weekend is Neil’s High School Reunion. The weekend after is my family reunion. The one after that – my Dad’s birthday. A week following is a rowing regatta in Victoria. The next weekend is Sue’s birthday, then a few days later is my birthday, then Brigette’s stagette the following weekend. Another seven days and Neil and I have a wedding to attend. Brigette & Markus’ wedding is fourteen days after that, and suddenly it’s September. In between that we’re also attempting to make it up to his parents’ place for a visit, a weekend in Tofino, and an official housewarming.

Crazy you say? Of course! But I really wouldn’t have it any other way. The only thing I’m really worried about is how much I’ve been neglecting the TiVo – but I think it’ll forgive me.

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7 thoughts on “State of the Union

  1. April

    Congrats on the moving in with the boyfriend thing. Don’t let anyone tell you its too fast. My boyfriend and I moved in after four months together and two years later its still working. It all depends on the people. Congrats again.

  2. Donna

    Congrats! Glad to see you two are happy. As far as moving too fast, that’s in the eye of the beholder. I moved cross-country to be with a boyfriend after talking online for 6 months and spending only 2 weeks together. Today, we are married and have a great house and a beautiful 5 month old daughter. 🙂 Much luck to you both.

  3. donna

    good luck on the moving in early thing. It’s totally worked for a lot of people. 🙂

    Not me, of course, but I have notoriously bad taste, so I really should have known better. Ah, moving. How I hate thee. And living with my ex boyfriend? Even worse… 6 days and counting until I’m free, Free, FREE!

  4. NetChick

    Congrats on making it official! No sense in ‘living together’ unofficially if it’s working so well… It’s worked amazingly well for M and I, and as you know, we’d only dated for a couple of months beforehand. We just knew.

    And, holy, I couldn’t be happier. Best. Decision. Ever!

    Just keep the sharp objects away from each other for the first two weeks 🙂 You guys will do awesome!!

  5. Chris

    “Just keep the sharp objects away from each other for the first two weeks”

    … unless you’re into that type of thing 😉

    The place looks great 🙂

  6. mel

    I too will add my own words of encouragement…
    My parents.
    2 months.
    Still together after 30 some odd years 😉

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