Case of the Mondays

And I thought weekends were supposed to be RELAXING.


Good things:

-I managed to move most of the big furniture to the new place (yes, I moved – remind me to post more about that soon…).
-I picked up some neat, and relatively easy revenue for work, and in turn made myself some cash working on Sunday.

Bad things:

-I moved. Moving sucks. Hate hate hate.
-I worked on Sunday, which involved getting up at THREE AY-EM to be at a film set by 4:30. (I rented some club equipment to a production company filming a Lexus commercial, and went along as the manager of said stuff. Film sets are the most boring places on earth, but the food is really, really good.)

I do have more to say, but my brain won’t let the thoughts come out in anything other than “bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.”

How was your weekend?

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3 thoughts on “Case of the Mondays

  1. Nero

    I also moved. I hate moving as much as you do, and I think I do it a lot more than you do as well. Because I love to inflict pain on myself. Or something. There is no other explanation. Gah. At least it was cool and windy and kinda rainy the entire 4 days, because right after we finished moving, we decided we hated the paint, so then we had to pain 34857349853 feet of wall space. Fucking vaulted ceilings.

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