Peppe Le Pew

Scene: Bedroom, 4:21am

Me: Fast Asleep
He: *nudge*

Me: *snore*
He: *nudgenudgenudge*

He: *NUDGE!*

Me: mrrrrrf…. huhhhh?

He: Do you smell that?
Me: smell what?
He: smells like skunk!
Me: uh.. a little… I guess….
Me: (thinking “the window is open, we live in Vancouver, WHO CARES AT 4AM!”)

He: *gets up to pee*
Me: *goes back to sleep*

He: *nudge*

He: so that smell? not a skunk.
Me: no?
He: no.
Me: then what?
He: my armpits.

Me: *rolls as far away from him as possible, burying nose in April Fresh duvet cover*

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5 thoughts on “Peppe Le Pew

  1. NetChick

    My boy doesn’t nudge at 4am, if you know what I mean. He tries to accidentally wake me up. When that doesn’t work, he gets a little more ‘aggressive’.

    We now have a rule that on weekdays, there’s NO waking me up for any reason other than a housefire, at 4am. Period.

    Thanks for sharing the giggle 🙂

  2. peechie Post author

    I actually had to EXPLAIN the “dutch oven” to him. What man doesn’t know that from age 15 or so? Apparently mine – that’s who.

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