Blankity Blanket McBlankster

I’m guessing from the slowly dwindling comments and the absence of them entirely on yesterday’s entry that I’ve been less than entertaining in the content department.

I would apologize, but I don’t know that I want things to change.

See, it’s tough to switch modes and write really great stuff when life is all good and boring. And while I have hugged Heather B. Armstrong, her talent unfortunately did not rub off.

Sure there are entertaining moments, like the checkout guy at Capers who insists on hitting on my boyfriend in the most obvious ways – whether I’m there or not. Or the coffee spilling incident of yesterday that was apparently boring. Or the goofy banter between the man and I that I recognize isn’t funny to anyone but us, though at least I’m not torturing you with saccharine schmoop about how we’re all in loooooooove etc. etc. (which we are, but *gag*, I know).

Other than that, these days all I seem to do is eat, sleep and work.

So I’m begging you, gentle readers, to give me some suggestions on things you care for my opinion on. No subject is too big, or small, or risqué for me to deal with. Got a burning question you’d like answered? Have a conundrum you’d like some advice on? Want me to wax poetic on a person, place, product, etc?

Drop a comment and fire away. Not only do you get some custom content, I’ll try to make it as entertaining as possible and share some linky love as thanks for inspiring me creatively during a time when I can’t even be inspired about what to have for dinner.

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7 thoughts on “Blankity Blanket McBlankster

  1. NetChick

    Hey, M and I are instituting an “Inspriational Blog Title” each week that we’ll both be writing material on.

    Our last one was really interesting — Neither of us reads the other’s entry until they’re both posted, which leads to some interesting material which is vastly different from each perspective.

    You should join us! We’ll be rolling out our next topic on Friday!

  2. April

    When all else fails, I write about something that happened to me when I was younger, like my most embarassing moment in high school or why I vowed I would kill myself if my mother didn’t get me tickets to the New Kids on the Block concert..reminiscing is fun..even if it turns out to be one of those “you had to be there to get it” stories.

  3. Sue

    Scantily clad photos always keep me entertained.

    But seriously… there must be SOME things that irk you about the world in general? Your rants are always good to read. Get your head out of that “life’s so great and I’m in love” bubble and start getting annoyed by things again. It makes for better blogging.

  4. Ghosty

    You should rant about all the disabled and elderly in their motorized wheelchairs or “rascals” (seinfeld reference) that are determined to drive those things on the road.

    I certainly have ranted on that numerous times through the years and I think it’s about time I do it again. You should join me 🙂

    I mean why do they think they belong on the road? The ramps on the sidewalks at intersections certainly weren’t put there for those that have full use of their legs.

    I’ve nearly run over at least 20 seniors in the past year alone. It’s mainly a safety issue for them, but the more of an ass you are about it, the more commenting I’m sure you’ll get.

  5. -j.

    Stuck creatively? Write about creativity!! It’s a topic I love to hear about…what inspires you? How do you like to express your creativity most? What are the biggest obstacles to your creative expression?

  6. Gwen

    Sometimes couples-conversation doesn’t translate to the rest of the world and inside jokes should for the most part stay inside.
    Like the other people suggest, talk about living in Vancouver again (you do get listed as a “Vancouver blogger”). It’s summer (nearly) and there’s much more to do that is generally relevant than the boy.

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