What damage deposit?

Me: Dozing between snooze cycles
He: Drinking coffee & checking email in bed.

Me: Still snoozing
Me: Wakes up.
He: Looks bewildered.
Dog: Looks Amused.

Me: Rousted out of coffee-covered sheets
He: Still confused, goes for paper towel.
Me: Figures out that someone let go of his coffee cup mid-air thinking it was on the nightstand.

Me: Enjoys a laugh at his expense.
He: Moves the nightstand closer, sulks at his own stupidity, and goes to have a shower.

Me: Still giggling.

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2 thoughts on “What damage deposit?

  1. Karin

    LOL! That sounds like something I would do…although usually my hand just drops a couple inches because the surface doesn’t stop it. It makes me wonder for a second if I’ve gotten Kitty Pryde’s mutant power. Then I realize I’m just a klutz.

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