If you want something done right…

I was out shopping with Neil last night, picking up a few things at the local pharmacy.

Since I had Gravol on my list, and had already been tasked with picking out an appropriate bubble bath for his new soaker tub, I asked him to run and grab some for me.

Spot what's wrong with this picture

He picks up the Gravol, throws it in the basket, we check out and go home.

So imagine my surprise when I actually looked at the package and saw something was not quite right with the wording. Check out the picture and see if you can figure it out.

His response when I pointed out his error? To laugh maniacally and say “Good luck with that!” of course. Jackass.

At least there wasn’t an urgent need for the medication, and I can return them for something a little more appropriate.

In the meantime, all either one of us has to do is utter the word “Gravol” and we burst out laughing uncontrollably. So those weirdos busting a gut over there about absolutely nothing? That’s us. Nothing to be alarmed about, just carry on with your business.

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8 thoughts on “If you want something done right…

  1. Chris

    Nice! I caught the tail end of the gravol story earlier, but didn’t really hear what was going on. It makes much more sense now 😉

  2. Derek K. Miller

    Speaking from experience here: when you really, really, urgently need Gravol, those ones may be the only ones that work, because the regular ones won’t stay down. They exist for a reason.

    Then again, if you’re taking them to have a more comfortable and sleepier car trip or something, it may be going a bit overboard.

  3. Cam

    The kids on the Laurier swear by a pill called “Bonamine.”

    Apparently it doesn’t kick your ass as hard as Gravol does, and holds the puke down.

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