Arriba Arriba!

For all the locals who didn’t know:

I’m hosting a Cinco de Mayo party on Friday. If you can read this, you’re invited, and you should comment or email me for the details if you want to pop by. This is really and truly an open invitation – so far about 35 people have RSVP’d, and some are bringing friends I’ve never met. It’s going House Party Style at Casa de Jen – minus the neighbourhood flyers and 80’s hair.

Also, this is the last party I’ll throw in that particular apartment, before I move on to beachier pastures. This means it’s your last chance to see the infamous balcony and the new bathroom live and in person.

And if that hasn’t piqued your interest enough – there are 2.28 litres of tequila sitting around, just waiting to be consumed…

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2 thoughts on “Arriba Arriba!

  1. vio

    *books ticket*
    i want to come… *insert whine here*
    from 4 degrees 2 days ago we are now at 30 today.. from deep freeze to hot pot! bizarre no?!!? london is known for it’s hot summers but the flip from winter to summer should not work like mary poppins the film.. have a shot of tequila for me baby..

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