Good for Me

She: Want a Frosty with that?

He: Hmm…

She: You know you do…

He: Sure, a small one I guess.

She: (into the talking box) Ok, and… two small Frosties.

He: …

She: I was totally gonna get the medium, but you had to go and make the reasonable choice…

He: I wonder if they can make ’em with skim milk?

She: **sigh**

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4 thoughts on “Good for Me

  1. Chris

    Well, maybe he wants to stick with that new-found weight loss.

    I’ve had similar conversations with Mel, but they usually end with me not getting anything and her choosing a healthier alternative 😉

  2. peechie Post author

    If he wants to stick with that whole weight loss thing, perhaps he should lay off the gorgonzola steak and apple pie….

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