BC Book & Magazine Week

See, silly thing that I am, I go crying “no content” when it’s really right there in my inbox!

I’d hardly be living up to my Word Nerd status by abstaining from sharing the goodness that is BC Book & Magazine Week with you all!

Of course, since I’m a disorganized git lately it’s half over before I told y’all about it, but if you – like me – are jumping on the bandwagon a little late, there are still plenty of things to check out!

Thursday’s Literary Tour sounds especially exciting, and any excuse to wander around one of my favourite funky areas of town is usually worthwhile:

For one night only, book and magazine publishers will host a series of launches and readings (with staggered starting times) at venues on and around Main Street, an area of Vancouver renowned for its support of the local arts scene. Participants are led from one event to another by local authors Michael V. Smith and Billeh Nickerson on two separate tours

There’s also the swanky BC Book Prizes Gala at the Hilton on Saturday night if you wanna get fancied up and mingle with the who’s who of publishing in the province.

There’s also a blog for the week, and all events are on upcoming.org.

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