Posting Half-Naked Pictures was a lot easier.

However, I haven’t been taking any of those, and was told by a few people who know me that I “have more to say than that, so I shouldn’t cheapen myself” – hah, serves them right now that there’s no content!

In case you think you care what I’ve been up to, here’s a list to prove you don’t:

-Went up to the boy’s parents’ place for Easter Weekend with about a dozen friends. Pictures of nature and half-a-dozen couples being all schmoopy can be found here, here, and here – none of which are mine, because I haven’t had time to sit down and upload them yet.

-Dealt with some supreme asshattery at work (to do with troublesome spelunking students, not co-workers for those that read) that I’m not about to share with the internets.

-Was involved in a fender bender that resulted in a total lack of car for a few days, which didn’t affect me at all since we were on the Island and leaving my car behind anyway. ICBC hasn’t settled the claim yet, but I likely won’t be assessed any fault.

-Work is picking up now, resulting in some crazy long days.

-Jetted across the line for a night at the Semiahmoo Resort and a BBQ with some of the boy’s co-workers. Again, nothing exciting transpired, unless you consider the sad tragedy that the spa was already fully booked by the time I decided I wanted a massage.

And that brings us to today, Monday. I’m at work and still have nothing terribly exciting planned for the coming week.

Have I left any loose ends untied around here that anyone wants to know about? If not, I don’t see the content improving greatly in the near future, so just let me know which body part you’d like to see photographed next.

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3 thoughts on “Posting Half-Naked Pictures was a lot easier.

  1. clamb

    While the fullMoney would be exciting – i find it highly unlikely that she’d post that!

    That being said, the tease shots in general make for a nice welcome-to-the-morning experience.

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