Time Zones man. Total Buzzkill.

So I made it home, safe and sound, though I have decided that I LOATHE both Miami International and Pearson International airports.

And the free Rum Punch on Cayman Airways is something all airlines should aspire to offer.

So I arrived in Vancouver at about 10pm last night (which is 2am Cayman time) and by the time I got home, unwound and got into bed it was about midnight. I asked the boy what time he had to get up (7:30) and set the alarm accordingly.

Fast forward to this morning. The alarm goes off and we wake up, though don’t actually get up right away. I turned on to the news to hear the weather/traffic etc. and work on getting coherent. As the clock rolls its way to 8:00am we concur that it’s probably time to get going.

Then, suddenly I notice the news is over. Why is the news over an hour early? Why is the news over at 8:00am? What the… HOLY SHIT THE TIME CHANGE!

That’s right, I completely forgot to turn my clocks forward when I got home. Understandable since I didn’t even wear a watch for most of the past week, and when I did, it sailed from EST to EDT to PDT.

Enter a mad scramble to get up, showered, dressed and out of the house as fast as humanly possible. Oops.

The chaos was compounded by the fact that, for the first time in a week, my morning routine involved a lot more than the choice between SPF 15 or 30.

Can I please go back to the beach?

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8 thoughts on “Sprung

  1. Kyndra

    This time change totally caught me by surprise too. Except, I didn’t have anything to do but deal with the dog not caring about the time change.

    Damn dog!

    Sergio misses you I’m sure. Hee.

  2. Gwen

    I usually feel like my head is stuck in the sand but somehow hear of it every year. Hehe, how much sympathy did you get when you rolled in an hour late…?

  3. NetChick

    Y’know, something just occurred to me! I’ve noticed this with everyone who’s found someone cool lately — PLAN A VACATION! By the time you actually have to go, you’ll just be getting serious with someone.

    Interesting concept. Worked for a lot of us, though, didn’t it? Ha!

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