don’t hate me yet…

A list of things I am rapidly discovering I’m not a fan of:

-19 hour days, followed by 4 hours of fitful airplane sleep.
-Airports, specifically Pearson, on so many levels. We have it SO GOOD at YVR.
-Other people’s children.
-Bell Internet kiosks.
-Having to strip down (not all the way thankfully) to clear US Customs.
-People in general.
-Stupid race officials
-Did I mention a stunning lack of sleep?

And now I’m going to go and find a corner to curl up in before I re-plane.

All I have to say is, this would be infinitely worse if I actually had luggage to check! If it can’t fly carry-on, it doesn’t need to be brought.


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3 thoughts on “don’t hate me yet…

  1. Mark

    Pearson sucks ass on EVERY level. Especially the bus between terminals, which you have to go through every time when you fly in internationally and then connect domestically. At least they could keep you inside the security area when you’re connecting, but no, you have to come out, walk 1/2 mile to the security checkpoint, down the stairs, along another corridor, then onto a bus for a charming tour of their construction site, then back up the stairs to the “main” terminal. awful. And the THIRD terminal, the red-headed step-child of all airport terminals, terminal 3, where you have to go when you fly direct from toronto to Cayman is nice and new but practically an afterthought to the whole airport. Ask me about it sometime and I’ll tell you about how i REALLy feel about it… 🙂

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