Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda

We’re into the home stretch, and it’s now a mere 5 sleeps until Vacation! And so I present to you (more for my benefit than yours) what I will need to am going to attempt to get done (in addition to that whole “full-time-job” thing) in the next few days:

-Order T-shirts for rowing crew
-Attempt to clean up house so it’s not filthy and/or smelly when I get home
-See friend’s musical
-Start packing
-Make list of things I still need to purchase for trip

-Hair Appointment, cut & colour
-Contemplate hiring maid service
-Make final hotel bookings & submit final travel documents to airline for potentially speedier departure
-Yoga class
-Deal with all technology hardware/software I need to bring (laptop, mp3 player, camera, etc.)

-Shopping trip for the things on the list from Monday
-Set up payments for any bills due during the time I’m gone
-Look around in disgust at the cleaning that still needs to be done and make mp3 playlist instead
Hot Hot Heat at the Red Room

-Bikini Wax on my lunch break
-Work a billion hours to finish up everything that needs doing at work while I’m gone
-Say a little prayer that things don’t disintegrate in my absence
-Last-minute rowing practice
-Boat unrigging and loading onto regatta trailer
-Pack rowing gear for weekend regatta
-Give up entirely on cleaning, and adopt “frat house” as new decorating theme

-Finalize packing, and cry at seeming lack of space for copious amounts of duty-free liquor and carribean rum cake
-Take thievables out of car
-Confirm plans with friends to water my plants, drive me to the airport, pick me up from the airport
-Schlep two sets of luggage to carpool driver’s place
-Pick up Crew T-shirts
-Head for Seattle

-Wake up at Ass O’Clock
-Rig boats at O-Dark Hundred
-Race shortly thereafter
-Race again
-Unrig and load boats
-Tear-ass back to Vancouver, considering the folley of not booking a flight out of Seattle instead as I panic the whole way back that I’ll be stuck in an 8 hour border traffic lineup
-Go to Airport and FLY AWAY!

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8 thoughts on “Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda

  1. Gwen

    Leave the laptop at home and find a cybercafe. =) One less bag, and worlds less to worry about for taking care of it while you’re there.

  2. Ali

    Yay for making lists. Nice balance between the millions of hours of work and the musical/hot hot heat!

    Have a great time in miami!

  3. Mark

    Laptop? are you RIPPED? I have more blinking LEDs in my apartment than the data center at Deloitte & Touche’s Offshore Disaster Recovery Data Center! I’ll even register your finger to the biometric scanner so that you don’t have to use a gummy bear to ‘hack in’ if I connect remotely and it locks the console. šŸ™‚

    Plus there are an assload of internet cafes now, too. The only caveat is that they’re further away than the beach is, so you may not actually make it there. The tractor beam on the beach is a strong one.

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