Biggest Loser

My Tim Horton’s Roll-up losing streak now stands at 0/15.

And life couldn’t be better.

Remember I mentioned that I only win at the Roll-Ups when something catastrophic happens. Boyfriend dumping, Job ending kind of terrible.

It seems that the opposite is also true.

The more I lose, the better things seem to get.

-Work is gearing up yet going well, and it looks like leaving for Vacation won’t be as catastrophic as I imagined.

-My car has gone an unprecidented amount of time without needing any large-scale repair or maintenance.

-My landlord came by to check out the bathroom, and offered a $200 rent reduction for the month of April (because of the reno-hell) without me even hinting at asking for one.

-I’ve rediscovered snowboarding, which has been about eleventy-frillion shades of awesome.

-I’m completely adorable (thought I’d just throw that in there for anyone who wasn’t sure).

-I had a really, ridiculously good date last night. 8th Grade drawing names in hearts good. Getting home and closing the car door on my finger (ok, kindof ow) because I’m giddy and distracted good.

And now that I’ve completely jinxed myself, I assume things will start going wrong almost immediately. In which case, where’s my fuckin’ cookie, bastards!

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7 thoughts on “Biggest Loser

  1. -j.

    Indeed. Don’t take this the wrong way, but under the circumstances, I hope you never win at Tim Horton’s ever again.

  2. NetChick

    Yay for good dates! It’s so nice to be reminded that it’s possible to have them, isn’t it?

    Sounds like life is really good these days for you — Awesome!

  3. Carla

    I’m glad the date went well too – how could it not with two adorable people ๐Ÿ˜‰ ?
    You both deserve it.
    Hope the dog doesn’t bark next time she meets you – sounds like you really surprised her!

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