Must Haves

Though I decided to lay low since the Firefighter fiasco, and have sworn off internet dating, I do have a date tonight. So far the 8-ball points to a good time.

But I was reminded of one of my particular neuroses as I was “date-i-fying” my purse before I left the house this morning. Normally I’m a “spectacles, watch, wallet and keys” kinda person, not really worrying about having much of anything more than those essentials with me for my regular day-to-day.

However, I put a little more thought into the purse just before a date. I’m like a freakin’ boyscout, prepared for nearly any emergency (most of which have happened to me at one point or another):

-Pocket sewing kit to tackle any last-minute button pops or seam rips. Nothing like losing a well-placed button at an inopportune moment.

-Cash-money (which I rarely carry otherwise), including a variety of bill denominations and change for parking meters. Comes in handy not only when dealing with parking, but I also make it a rule to carry enough to cover my half of the bill – because there are guys who will insist on going dutch.

-Extra car key, in case my flustered/distracted self locks the regular key in the car.I’ve done this more times – not necessarily on dates – than I care to admit. And while waiting for BCAA together after a good date can be a fun adventure, doing it with someone you aren’t getting along with ranks just above having your toenails removed with pliers

-Fully charged cell phone for any number of emergencies. Including making a clandestine call to a friend to set up a rescue from any number of unpleasant scenarios, or just calling a cab to go the hell home.

-Four colours of lip stick/gloss. I’m just indecisive, and some look better in certain lighting than others. Also, while sparkly looks great to start off with, I switch to a colour that will be easier for my date to remove from his own lips, should the night go that way.

-Gum, mints, losenges. Nuff said.

-Small vial of perfume. Smelling pretty is just a good idea in general. I tend to get a lot of complients on Clinique Happy Heart, or anything that smells like dessert.

-Makeup/hair touchup stuff. Useful if we end up getting caught in the rain, or getting hot and sweaty.

-A small pharmacy worth of medication, primarily consisting of pain killers and gastrointestinal relief potions. These are mostly a “just in case” scenario, but have quite literally saved my ass a couple times in the past!

Depending on which date it is, and my intentions for the night, I’ll also sometimes add a small arsenal of Elexa products, as well as a toothbrush, and perhaps a cozy sweater, hat and flip flops in the trunk. All part of my plan to never do the walk of shame (again).

I just like to be prepared.

What about you? For the girls and the boys, what are your date-night essentials? Have I forgotten anything that’s saved you in the past, or that you wish you’d had?

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6 thoughts on “Must Haves

  1. peechie Post author

    No. If I think there’s even a remote possibility I’ll have sex, I bring condoms, lube, and “freshening wipes.” Because nobody wants to put their pants back on to go to 7-11.

  2. Gwen

    M.I.L.K. Money, ID, lipstick/gloss, keys.
    The absolute essentials. If I can squeeze it in, cell phone and powder for touch-ups.
    The condoms stay at home, er, if I even had someone to anticipate to buy some for. Otherwise, they would expire….

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