Stupid Is…

In manic preparation for the impending tropical vacation (10 Sleeps Away!), I’ve been going to my local fake ‘n’ bake to get a base tan.

While there, I noticed that my winter hibernation has left me with an ass that, while still fabulous clothed, is a bit more ample than it was over the summer and bears very slight resemblance in texture to an orange peel. Yes. The dreaded “C” word. No, not that one – that I’ll use. The other one. Cellulite.

Now I know some people are more prone to it than others. Even at my very tiniest, I’ve never had flawlessly firm skin. But it was a whole helluvalot less noticeable in August than it is now. And in somewhere around 264 hours, I plan on spending the majority of my days in a bikini.

So, what did I do immediately upon noticing this?

Contemplated my options over an extra large cookie and a full-fat latte, of course.

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5 thoughts on “Stupid Is…

  1. Dana

    Cellulite is just accumulation of metablic waste that gets stored in the fluid where our fat cells are. It is a vicious circle and if you don’t elimate the toxins your cellulite will be more and more noticable. The SUddenly SLender Body Wrap works wonders for the “C” word!

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