Monkey Business

6 thoughts on “Monkey Business”

  1. While those are all applause-worthy (one hand clapping?), I’m most curious to know how you managed to take that picture 🙂

  2. Watch out! If you work one thumb more than the other, it will become muscle-bound and the other one will wither away, probably turn black, and fall off into the bag while you are grabbing a handful of trailmix with raisins.

  3. what a coincidence to read this…I busted the crap out of my right thumb last week doing CPR, and I am finding my OWN list of “L” tasks now, too. Opening my front door latch, pushing pills out of bubble packs (can do with pointer, though) trying to hold on to my jumbo gallon sized jug of vanilla caramel creamer, pressing the STOP button on my puppy’s retractable leash, (ahem) toilet issues, nuff said. I’m here from your IT2M review link today, Congratulations!

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