Dragon Breath

With the bathroom renovations still underway (we’re now at day 26 and counting…), my morning routine has been all over the place.

More than once I’ve gotten into the shower, only to remember 2 seconds too late that my towels are still hanging on the rack in the den.

Since I have no mirror in the bathroom, the next best lighting near a mirror is in my bedroom. There have been many days that I’ve forgotten to moisturize (it’s in the pile of stuff also in the den) before attempting to put on makeup. For those who’ve never tried it, it feels pretty crusty and gross, sortof like doughnut glaze on your face.

And as I’m sitting here at work today, I’ve realized that I missed a step again. I obviously got distracted between the bathroom/den/kitchen/bedroom loop and completely forgot to brush my teeth. Ew.

If I didn’t have the guts to ask for a rent reduction because of all this before, I certainly do now. Absence of tooth brushing constitutes a SERIOUS lack of enjoyment and quality of life as far as I’m concerned.

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2 thoughts on “Dragon Breath

  1. nelly

    mind you i really have no excuse but, i’ve rushed out of the house before only to realise that i haven’t brushed my teeth. And this is when i was nearly halfway to work! fortunately, i leave a toothbrush, toothpaste, and mouthwash in my desk. co-workers give me funny looks when i leave the washroom with my teeth cleaning equipment.

  2. Ciavarro

    I was at the Juniors Bronze medal game.

    Favourite part, when Jack Johnson waved to the crowd. That kicked ass. I should have chucked my cell phone at him.

    Oh, and sorry about the PTSD. Us SFUers are a sensitive bunch.

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