5 thoughts on “Rambo”

  1. I liked the part where you kissed a girl, got into a catfight, then got drunk and high. 🙂

    Nice entry – having spent some time in small towns (hello, Glovertown, NF), I can related to the “not having any reason to go back” factor.

  2. Hey, there, ya hooligan, don’t be taking all the credit for Rambo. I seem to recall that at least one pivotal scene was shot near my house at Cleveland Dam in West Van.

  3. Hmm… perhaps you should take that up with the Rambotown guy Darren. According to his site he’s planning another visit this year, and may be interested in some good Dam (dam good?) footage.

  4. Im sure you had a cute guy to keep you ammused, and entertained through school and homeroom. Help you get through the nite shift at work.
    Funny how lives change when one graduates, and the past is almost completely forgotten, only to possibly be reminded later on in life.

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