RHS # 18 – Funderwear!

I have two sets of underwear. There are those pairs that others get to see. And those pairs that others unequivocally do NOT get to see.

I happen to put some thought into the underwear that others do get to see. Heather and Mel can attest to this: they’re darned cute! And it’s already been established that I have an enviable booty.

So nothing bugs me more than when some boy is “goin’ for the goodies” so to speak, and goes for everything on the bottom half in one fell swoop.

Please! Pause for the Panties!

I promise they are pretty, and sexy, and there really is nothing like TAKING YOUR TIME if you’re granted the honour of getting to see the lovely underthings in the first place.

And I lied, there is one thing that bugs me more than that… it’s when after the fact, the boy sees the hotness that covers the booty lying on the floor, and says “damn, those are NICE.” I promise, they are a trillion times nicer when they are STILL ON and it would’ve been even better if you could’ve controlled yourself long enough to notice.

So, girls… do you ever experience “The Wholesale Tearoff” and how do you feel about it when your pretty underthings are neglected?

Boys… do you even care? Because you should. Or at least learn to pretend…

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11 thoughts on “RHS # 18 – Funderwear!

  1. Chris

    I’m firmly in the “don’t care” category, but I can pretend if necessary. I’ve never been a fan of lingerie or the like.

  2. gillian

    I’m used to the nonpause, myself. I have one pair of lingerie that was bought for me a year or so ago. I finally used it on the new beau on New Years. I specifically pointed it out to him, and he just looked at me. No effect. Oh well, at least I liked how I looked in it.

    To be fair, he had commented on the sexiness of my outfit that evening (re: cleavage). I guess he prefers the public tease more than the private.

  3. Special Guest Coach

    I would fall into the ‘care a great deal’ category. After all, undies constitute lingerie. And I enjoy seeing my woman in lingerie.

    There’s an argument to be made that women are showing too much to begin with anyways. In days of yore (read: Victorian era and beyond) women were well covered, and getting them to be otherwise was a chaore in and of itself. Coincidentally, the fine art of romance and passion was far more prevalent then than it is now. And the decline of romance seems to closely correlate to the gradual tendancy to reveal more skin.

  4. Sue

    Ditto Jeremy. People wear too little.

    Then again, I am NOT a purchaser or wearer of fine underthings, but that’s mostly because lace bugs me. Maybe I should actually put more effort into my lingerie… I’m sure you-know-who would appreciate it from time to time.

    I never really thought about this before. Hmm. Bet Artos is going to be real glad you brought it up.

  5. April

    I’m with you on the whole non-pause thing. I mean after I spend all that time and money picking out the cute pairs to buy, the least they could do is take the time to admire them. Otherwise why bother wearing pretty ones.

  6. Chris

    April: I think that’s the whole point of the standard male way of thinking – why bother wearing pretty ones.

    It’s not necessarily a “people wearing too little” thing, either. I’ve never dated a person who shows a lot of flesh (miniskirts, haltertops, etc.), but I’m still not a lingerie fan.

  7. peanut

    I like the pretty panties because the make me feel more sexy. Even if the boy doesn’t notice, i’m far more.. uhmm… excitable in them.

    I don’t think most boys care.

  8. ritchie

    I personally care and put thought into my own boxers (although mine tend to side more on the geek area). pausing for the panties is a must for me 🙂

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