I have a memorial service to go to next week and I’m in the process of finding a charitable organization to make a donation to, in lieu of (which will actually be in addition to, because that’s just what I do) flowers.

Thankfully, it’s been a while since I’ve had a memorial or funeral to attend, but apparently since the last time I did this, things have changed.

Do you know how impossible it is these days to find a charitable organization that advertises they have actual cards that I can pick up to pass along to the bereaved? Not bloody many, that’s for damn sure. Because I have yet to find one.

They all seem to advertise that they’ll “send a new! special! convenient! e-card!” A FUCKING E-CARD. Because nothing SCREAMS sympathy like A GODDAMN EMAIL.

I’m sorry, charitable organizations, but that is not going to cut it. I’m sure it costs you extra to print those fancy little cards you used to have, but I’d gladly pay an extra buck or two if it saves me from insulting someone with technology.

Because that’s what it is. Insulting. E-Greetings only have one role in the world of interpersonal communications. And that role is to say “I didn’t forget about you completely, but you are so low on my relationship totem pole that you are not worth the consideration of signing my name on an actual piece of paper and either delivering it to you, or wasting 50 cents on a stamp and putting it in the mailbox with enough foresight to ensure it gets to you on time.”

And that is NOT how I choose to honour someone’s life. If charities are that concerned with upfront costs, at least give me the option to print out a “donation in memorium” .pdf that I can fold up and place in a sympathy card that I’ve already got.

I just can’t believe that organizations who seem to be based so strongly in touchy-feelyness and compassion for their fellow animals, minerals and vegetables would be so shortsighted about the same qualities in their donors.

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3 thoughts on “Dona-Shunned

  1. NetChick

    I totally agree. What are they thinking with an e-card??! That’s really not appropriate at all.

    Hell, if I were the family member, I wouldn’t likely even be checking email at that unfortunate time.

  2. -j.

    Hmmm…where I work is one of the offenders. I didn’t even realize that until this post made me check it out. I’ll discuss it with the appropriate folks…

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