So, we all have these stories, right? That early on “the night everything went horribly wrong” date. The date that either signifies the beginning of the end, or turns into one of those stories that everyone laughs about a few years down the road.

Please tell me everyone has those stories!

Because (another) one of those stories happened to me on Friday night.

It was our fourth date, and oh boy did it turn into a doozie.

The problem with me is, nearly everyone gets a second chance. You can do something really stupid on a date with me, and if I think you’re generally OK and pretty attractive, I’ll let you get away with it, as long as it doesn’t happen again.

Since I haven’t seen him since Friday night, I don’t yet know if that date was the death knell, or the “there is nothing embarrassing left to happen” moment. Kinda like the first time you fart in front of your new mate. Except, worse. And no, I was not the one behaving badly.

As much as I’d love to spill the details, I have no idea whether to frame this in a “funny, ha ha” way or a “funny, I’M GOING TO BE ALONE FOREVER” way.

Once I know whether or not he’s going to suitably impress me and turn things around, I’ll let the story loose.

Until then, how about you comment, and entertain me (and everyone else) with those “funny, ha ha” early relationship stories I’m sincerely hoping we all have…

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7 thoughts on “Freebie

  1. Kimli

    Ed and I met at a LAN party where we talked all night and something clicked. It’s a damn good thing we met in person first, because our first online conversation after meeting was horrific – in the first half hour of our chat, he whined repeatedly about being horny, the chicks he was cybering, being needy and demanding if I didn’t answer his questions right away, and generally talking all in caps with too many exclamation points. For some reason, I kept talking to him – even after he asked “WOULD YOU EVER HAVE SEX WITH THREE GUYS AT ONCE??????”. I kept the logs. I’m not allowed to share them under penalty of death.

  2. Chris

    I met one girlfriend at a music festival in a town a few hours away. It was her home town, so she took me and my friends around for a drive on the last day before we left (two days after we met). She was driving around a corner that transitioned from pavement to gravel, and was going a little too fast – after a bit of skidding, we ended up nose down in a pretty deep ditch. She was pretty mortified as she called the tow truck, but we still went out for a few months.

  3. bree

    On our first date, Will and I went out for sushi and he didn’t let me finish a single sentence, which is a major pet peeve. If I hadn’t known him already I would have ended it there. I think he might have been excited and nervous, because he hasn’t done that since. Obviously I’m glad I gave him a second chance.

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  5. donna

    I have no answer for this, but only because I’ve started seeing someone who makes me so ridiculously happy it hurts. And if you think you’ve got ridiculously high standards… hell, for *years* I’ve been decidedly happy being single, unless someone really spectacular came along.

    someone spectacular has come along. I’m shocked. Everything has been near-perfect sofar. Even my parents like him. I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop.

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