The Sound of Settling

A few friends have tried to set me up with other single people they know, because there’s nothing people in monogamous relationships like to do more than live vicariously through meddling in the lives of their single friends. Not that I’m complaining (yet), but it does lead to some interesting pairings, based solely on the fact that we are quite possibly the last two people that these couples know who are single, and attracted to the gender that other person happens to be.

To illustrate, a conversation happened the other day that made me stop and wonder… is this really what it’s come down to? Is this what’s left? Do I need to start navigating the “best of the rest” in terms of guys who are still single?

Friend: We should really set you up with [random guy]. Here’s a picture..
Self: Hey, he’s pretty cute!
Friend: Yah, and he’s super nice, and really charismatic
Self: Sounds like my type already
Friend: Except he lives in Kamloops
Self: Uh, that’s not really ideal…
Friend: Well, he doesn’t plan on living there forever, he’s thinking of moving down this way..
Self: I suppose if that’s the plan, it wouldn’t hurt to meet him next time he’s down here.
Friend: Awesome! We’ll try to get him down in February for [husband’s] birthday.
Self: Good idea!
Friend: Oh, one other thing, you should know that he’s got OCD.
Self: You mean he’s just a little quirky and alphabetizes his sock drawer? Or you mean like, medicated and crazy like “Jack Nicholson in As Good as it Gets“?
Friend: Actively medicated and in therapy. But despite that he lived and worked in South America for a number of years, and it’s never affected his ability to do his job or have an otherwise normal life!
Self: Well, I suppose I’d rather be with someone who’s got a diagnosed and treatable medical condition than someone who thinks they’re fine, but actually suffers from General Asshattery Disorder, like so many of the guys I’ve dated lately.
Self: This is what it’s come down to, isn’t it?
Friend: You may have a point…
Self: Siamese, or Tabby?

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6 thoughts on “The Sound of Settling

  1. -j.

    Hold out for what you want. You deserve it, and you’ll regret it if you don’t.

    And yes, everyone tries to make a sandwich out of the last two pieces of bread. 😉

  2. `jen

    just had to say that i love that death cab for cutie song. his “bap bah” is like an alarm in my head these days… 😀

  3. peanut

    Look at it this way… you know going into it how screwed up he really is! For most it takes years to uncover neurosis that deep.

    It’s all on the table.

    And he’ll organize it for you! hah.

  4. donna

    to go along with what Gillian said, I haven’t found anyone yet I couldn’t improve with duct tape. Sometimes you even fix them completely!

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