A couple of totally unrelated things I just wanted to throw out there for the masses while I wait for the last five delurkers to show their faces so I can post the Very Special Entry.

1. If you have set your clock radio as your alarm, and you have it set to wake you up with the radio (as opposed to the meep meep beeper), and you have the radio volume turned up fairly high, and the radio is about 1.5 feet from your head, and you have the station set to the local rock station, and the song that they’re in the middle of when your alarm does go off is “Vicinity of Obscenity” by System of a Down, and you end up with voices screaming “BANANA BANANA BANANA BANANA TERRACOTTA / BANANA TERRACOTTA TERRACOTTA PIE” in your ear, you will be startled awake thinking you’re under attack.

2. My high school boyfriend bears a striking resemblance to Adrien Brody. It’s just too bad that Tall, skinny, pasty men with GIGANTIC noses didn’t come into vogue until about five years after we broke up. It could’ve saved me from a great deal of ridicule for sticking with him as long as I did.

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3 thoughts on “Tidbits

  1. Maktaaq

    You need to give me his number. My sister won’t shut up about Adrien Brody. I figure if I hook her up with Brody or a reasonable fascimile, she’ll see that it’s not all cracked up to be. Or she’ll be really happy.

    Then I won’t have to buy her every single Adrien Brody merchandise on the planet while she sails around the world.

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