State of the Union

A series of things I’ve been meaning to write about, but haven’t yet, so here are links to the pictures instead:

My friend Jesse came into town for a couple weeks, and he seems to be the glue that holds a certain group of people together, so we congregated a few times for bowling, food, hockey and wings. [flickr set]

I went out on New Year’s Eve with someone I went out with a few times over the summer. Nothing like a New Year’s date based on the criteria: available. Regardless, drinks were consumed and fun was had, and it was a sight better than weeping into my champagne at home alone. [flickr set]

Went to the IIHF World Juniors Bronze Medal Game and watched Team Finland sweep team USA with a 4-2 win. Most amusing part of the game? When the crowd started chanting “O-VER-RATE-ED” at the heavily favoured Team USA when it became apparent that they’d go home medalless. [flickr set]

Birthday season is also apparently upon us, with Mel’s birthday dinner happening Friday night. We did what good friends do, and got her drunk. [flickr set]

And that brings us to today. I seem to have caught my death of something, and am cozied under a blanket on the couch, swilling cold medication straight out of the bottle. No pictures for this one. Be thankful!

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