2006 – In with a Bang!

I toyed with posting this, as it’s a bit risqué for what I’d normally post here, however I find it too amusing NOT to blog. But I will include a bit of a warning:

This post contains adult subject matter. Continue reading at your own risk! Asterisks have been used to try and protect me from the scary googlers.

There, now that’s out of the way, I’ll also say that I do know at least one of the people involved in the following scenario, but I won’t tell you who, and names are being witheld to protect the adventurous…

Scene: Girl 1 (F1) and Guy 1 (M1) exiting adult video store on Granville St. at 1am on January 1st, 2006. Both appear fairly intoxicated, and are surrounded by hundreds of revelers.

M1: You can’t tell ANYONE about this!
F1: For the millionth time, I won’t!

Couple approaches crosswalk, waits for light to change. Other couple (F2 & M2) are also waiting to cross. These couples have never met.

M1: (to F2 & M2) She’s gonna f**k me in the a*s when we get home!
F2: looks at F1 & at black p*rn store bag in F1’s hand
F1: nods
F2: (to F1 & M1) “Wow, that’s f**king hot!” (to M2) “Baby, that’s so hot, how are we gonna top that?”
M2: stunned & speechless.

Light Changes. Couples go their separate ways, off into the night.

And they say Vancouver is a “No Fun City!” Hah! Here’s to both couples, hoping they found the… experience… they were looking for to ring in the new year!

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3 thoughts on “2006 – In with a Bang!

  1. peechie Post author

    Darren: Hah yah. That’s what made the entire conversation! Otherwise it’d just have been a drunk M1 running his mouth…

    Peanut: Ouch.. I hope so too…

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