Finders Keepers

I don’t really check out my search strings and stats that often, but I decided to take a look today, and oh boy are there ever some gems in there!

shannon dougherty breasts – 90210-DD?
i found you and boyfriend video sex tape – If I had a boyfriend, and we had made a sex tape, I might be worried instead of amused.
i have 80000 pounds to invest what do i do – I’ll be happy to take it off your hands!
deterring roommates who steal – I hear the Middle Eastern countries have a good tactic for dealing with thieves…
dutch drinking songs glug glug glug – I wish I knew some. Again, if you find them, let me know!
andrei rieu cranky – If I had that hair, I’d be cranky too!
cuba garlic festival 2006 – now *that* sounds like a vacation!
linda davidson aquarius yaletown – linda? are you there?
merry christmas mice – and rats, and gerbils, and rodents everywhere! Happy New Year too!
how to deal with crazy roommates – eviction.
pleats on pants – just don’t.
narcissism and breakups – this person was *obviously* looking for me specifically
people drinking to much water that causes big boobs – don’t tease me like that!
kelly clarkson childhood injuries – maybe she fell off her bike? that’s my excuse
bikini wax etiquette – is that like people who “clean up” before their housekeeper comes?
dr. linda davidson – paging Dr. Linda… again…

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One thought on “Finders Keepers

  1. Darren

    Heh. You’ve inspired me to go check out some of mine from today:

    how to get the cooking smell from your house
    make a rube goldberg machine online
    average age of first time moms 28?
    g- rated movies racier than in past
    more people have trouble getting pregnant
    straighten teeth in photoshop
    last minute christmas gift

    And the eternally popular…

    in her butt

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