RHS #15 – Moody

Here’s another totally ridiculous neurosis of mine – one that puts the ‘ridiculous’ in the ridiculously high standards.

Thing is, every now and again I get into a funk (shocker, I know!). I am in a foul mood for no discernable reason, and I’m just fed up with people and life in general. The truth of the matter is that I’m probably just stressed out, or PMSing and will get over it all soon enough.

Sometimes my wee fits come on without warning. If you are unfortunate enough to be out and about with me during that time, I’ll do my best to just stay quiet and not be too much of a pickle. You know that whole “if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all” schtick? Yah. That’ll be me.

And occasionally, when I’m out, and in a foul mood, something will distract me enough that I’ll be significantly less cranky – I may even crack a smile!

If that happens, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, DON’T DRAW ATTENTION TO IT! Don’t say “good to see you finally smiling” or “hey, you seem happier now” or “way to turn that frown upside down” (that last one is likely to make me want to rearrange your face).

For if you remind me that I’m actually having a good time in spite of myself, I’ll remember that I’d rather be surly, and will launch full-force back into the mood I started in. A sour, mean and cranky one. And now it will be directed at you. Buzzkill.

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2 thoughts on “RHS #15 – Moody

  1. NetChick

    I so hear you. And, that’s NOT a ridiculously high standard, that’s being thoughtful of someone else’s hard day. I certainly expect this of the people around me…

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