Things I Learned Last Night

6 thoughts on “Things I Learned Last Night”

  1. Off the top of my head, I can think of 1 at the spelunking club that wouldn’t set off most peoples’ Gay-dar… his name starts with a P. Of course, the other one would set it off, without question. But they’re both really cool guys.

  2. Oh yeah!!?!?! Lets see if you can keep up with me for a night of drinking! I was last alive at the evil Pyramid drinking game in Tanzania! (Proud of that – An managed to not get thrown in jail! [tho, it was close.. maybe] )

  3. Java: I think to conduct a valid experiment we need to stick to a strict mass:alcohol ratio. That extra 13 inches or so you’ve got on me is clearly an unfair advantage!

    I don’t know what excites me more.. the drinking, or the geeky science!

  4. Ahhhh …. not sure if you want to go that route! lol – That mountain knocked me down quiet a bit….

    But, I will spot you …. hmmm 30%… Sound fair?

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