I am the easiest, and the hardest person to buy gifts for.

I like receiving practical gifts. I will give those who request it a detailed list of what I want, including brand names, stores you can find them at, and approximate cost. People rarely like to buy me the practical gifts. Practical gifts are boring.

On the flip side, I don’t like it so much when they buy me the frivolous, shiny things. If someone feels obligated to get me a thing, I’d rather they get me a thing I need. (Yes, I understand some of you have eschewed the commercialism of the season – in my family we gift. That is the way it is. Rant elsewhere.)

Here’s my reasoning: I like to buy myself the expensive things. The gizmos, gadgets, designer clothes, shoes, wine… it’s a bit of retail therapy that I like to engage in. If I’ve met a personal or professional goal I set for myself, or just made it through a really shitty day/week/month, I use these as motivators and rewards. That whole system loses its charm when I start getting them for no good reason at all (other than someone felt obligated to get me a “something”).

And it really chaps my ass when I have to divert the money I’d rather be spending on shiny things, to practical stuff.

So, things I won’t be asking for this year because I’d rather spoil myself with them: an ipod nano, a digital piano, an LCD monitor, diamonds.

Things I will be asking for, that nobody (including myself) wants to get me because they’re boring: a network adaptor for the TiVo, a new hairdryer, a crock pot, a car-charger for my cell phone, socks, an emergency roadside kit.

Seriously. I’ve asked for socks every year for the past 3 years. I have yet to receive, because nobody wants to be the “sock giver.”

Sometimes it’s tough to be me.

ps. While I am stubborn with the gifting, I am a veritable Holiday Card Whore. I’ll give up the greetings to anyone and everyone. So email me if you want one already!

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6 thoughts on “Gifty

  1. Mel

    I’m also a practical gift person, which apparently makes me hard to buy for. Luckily, my mom is someone who likes to give practical presents, so I get at least one thing a year that I need 🙂

  2. Damian

    I like gifts, but small gifts; a nice agenda, some chocolates, something people REALLY need, remember that you don’t actually need aroudn 80% of what you buy so, why get them?

    And no, I’m not a commy 😛

  3. Really Sue this time

    I like it when people buy me things that secretly I’ve been wanting but not buying for myself. I’m the exact reverse of you – I’ll buy myself the practical stuff at the drop of a hat. Oh wait, I buy myself the shiny stuff too. Huh. But to be honest, what I really want is for people to actually THINK about what will make me squeal with pleasure. Sometimes it’s the little things (rubber duckies) and sometimes it’s a little more decadent. But mostly it’s about someone thinking about what I would love to have.

  4. Jay

    Socks for everyone! Happy feet are where it’s at!
    As long as u get good socks that are so comfortable that they make your feet wriggle with orgasmic joy! -no I am not talking about the fresh pair of white tube socks that Granny gives to you every year, or the black dress socks that you always get but never like to wear. I am talking about some fine Merino wool action to keep the little piggies warm & dry all winter! Bahhhh! 😉

  5. spoonman

    My family and I have it down to an art. Because I also buy all the cool stuff for myself that would normally make good gifts, I get the same two things every year from my sisters and friends… certificates from A&B Sound and Chapters. Boxing day has become an orgy of consumerism for me as I run wild picking up all the books/CDs/DVDs that I didn’t bother to get before the xmas season. As a matter of fact, I stop purchasing these things at the end of September so that there lots of items I need to pick up…and the money I normally would have spent at these two stores during Oct-Dec I now put towards things I really want (newer iPod, better speakers for home stereo, etc.)
    This works great!

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