The Eating

I present to you, yet another thing that drives me INSANE about Ray, which also proves that my intolerance is so inflated that I’m just not fit to live with other people in general.

Ray eats stinky food.

I don’t know if I ever mentioned (because it doesn’t really matter) but Ray’s Korean. When he first moved in, he asked if I cooked much, and what I ate. He then said that he’s not a very good cook (duh) and eats mostly western food.

And indeed he did. He subsisted through most of June, July and August on Pizza Pops, Mini Pizzas, Mr. Noodles, KD and Sandwiches. And the occasional container of takeout. There was even a point in time where Ray spent a few days at his parents house, and when he came back, he apologised for smelling like Korean Food, and promptly laundered and febreezed everything he had with him.

But now that Ray has been consumed with schoolwork since the beginning of September, his all-chemical diet has ceased to suffice. And since he still can’t cook for himself, this means his mom has started supplying him with her cooking, 3 days at a time.

And it’s all Korean Food.

Which means it smells like Garlic and Cabbage. That has been refrigerated for 3 days. Then microwaved.

Not that I’m opposed to Korean food in general (I love me a good bi bim bap) – however if I wanted to live in a Korean restaurant, I would. I don’t.

But what am I going to do? Say “dude, your food stinks – stop eating!” ? The fridge has pounds baking soda in it – still smells. The dishes are rinsed out and go in the dishwasher pretty much right away – still smells. I’m boiling lemon water in the microwave weekly – still smells.

Seriously, what would you do? I’ve waited this long – I’m tempted to just wait it out till he’s gone, and invest in a heavy steam cleaning and lots of febreeze. But if you’ve got any other suggestions, bring em on!

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5 thoughts on “The Eating

  1. Chris

    Yeah, I’ve never liked the smell of Korean food. Indian food is a different story – I’d be fine if my house smelled like an Indian Restaurant.

    We’re all still waiting to find out about “the obsession”!

  2. gillian

    If his mom is providing him with all his meals, why can’t he just move back in with her?

    Geez, I never understood the people who studied so much they couldn’t feed themselves. I studied more than most people, and I stayed alive, despite no parent showing up with food several times a week. Maybe I would’ve gotten an A+ average had that been taken care of for me.

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