Last Straw

Time for another Ray-ism. Do we remember Ray’s reluctance to downsize to one garbage can in the bathroom? Well his bizarre inability to deal with such things has now transferred to the Brita.

I’ve had a 1.5L Brita pitcher for a long time – I purchased it when I first moved out on my own, and it’s been adequate for my H2O needs thus far. Once Ray moved in, the fridge started to contain both the small Brita, and usually 10-12 500ml bottles of whatever bottled water Ray was drinking that week. (You know, cycling through his earthquake supply, so the water doesn’t get stale…)

About a month ago, the small army of water bottles faded away, and Ray came home with the 5L Brita Behemoth, because we’re “going through a lot of water.” Fair enough. I can understand that. I take my wee Brita, clean it out, and put it away.

Well when I came home yesterday, my wee Brita was sitting on the counter with a note and a piece of cut-out newspaper attached to it. Ray was home, so before I got to read much, he leapt right in with it:

Ray: H-h-h-he-hey Jen
Self: Hi Ray. What’s up?
Ray: Hey, would you mind using your own water jug from now on?
Self: Uhm, ooooo-kaaaaaaaaaay?
Ray: It’s just that, well, I go through a LOT of water. I mean, I fill a bottle I take to school, and I make coffee, and then I drink a lot when I get home… I just need the whole thing to myself.
Self: Uh huh.
Ray: I’m not trying to be difficult or anything – it’s just the realities of my water consumption. And hey, I taped a bunny on your jug with my note! You know, to be friendly!
Self: (Looks closer, and sees that he indeed cut out a bunny from a telus ad and taped it to the front of the pitcher with his note.) Sure Ray. I’ll pick up another filter when I go grocery shopping this week, and get my pitcher going. In the meantime, how about I just use yours, and refill it after I take water out of it. You know, the way the thing was intended to work?
Ray: Ok, sure, that’s fine, thanks for understanding! (totally impervious to the sarcasm that just ricocheted off his thick skull)

I should note here that having lived with wee Brita for so many years, I’m in the habit of filling it every time I pour a glass of water, and that behaviour transferred to Brita Behemoth. Ray’s lack of water is solely due to his own inability to manage the Brita refilling requirements.

It’s a damn good thing he’s outta here soon.

Update: (5:48pm) So he was looking at options for the end of December, and I was informed yesterday that the end of December thing wasn’t working out. I told him in no uncertain terms that was too damn bad, and he is definitely out as of Dec. 31. I was just called “unreasonable.” HAH.

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  1. -j.

    Given his high volume of water consumption, it’s little surprise he wants utilities included in his $500/mo. penthouse.

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