All I Ever Wanted

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  1. i can guarantee you no sand in montreal… and while there’s sun it doesn’t do much for the -50 degree windchill… on the bright side you might have me to guide you around… and you’d get to meet your namesake… oh, what a world

  2. but seriously, montreal in the winter , not so much a vacation for a westie… unless you have a death wish

  3. For 2 grand, I’d recommend staying in and around North America. Cuba is awesome, certainly…hmmm, I think I’ll quit while I’m ahead here. As a non-drinking, non-shopping, non-beach-going traveller, I’m really ill-equipped to advise you.

  4. South America or Europe would be my pick but one month would never be long enough let alone one week. If you want a quick break – check out Cuba or Dominican Republic (Punta Cana)Best deals for Canadians!, or Costa Rica… I have friends on the Pacific side there that can advise on deals. Also depends when or how soon you want to travel? -prices are high because of x-mas…

  5. Hiya am delurking for a bit !!
    Just a couple of things on europe…
    Greece can be very cold in the winter…they have snow etc so not much use for sun !
    Spain this time of year tends to fill up with the british elderly trying to escape the winter here…so unless shuffle board is your idea of fun would steer clear of that and ibiza / ayia nappa has pretty much shut down for the winter !
    Have you ever thought of morroco or turkey ?

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