Thank you my babies! You’re all lovely and wonderful and I know you’re all with me when it counts!

Between a good cry, a good sleep, and all of your supportive comments and emails, I feel a frillion times better.

I would like to give each of you kisses and diamonds and hundreds of hundred dollar bills.

Instead, I will give you BEEDOGS.

Feel the love!

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8 thoughts on “Buzzing

  1. -j.

    Uh…you know I work for an organization that OPPOSES cruelty to animals, right? 😉

    In seriousness: glad you’re feeling better. You deserve to.

  2. Jay

    That site was pretty damn scary! I feel for all those pooches!
    “Uncomfortably funny” is how I would describe that…

  3. Spoonman

    I’m in the exact situation that you were in. The girl I’ve refered to as “My Secret Crush” just broke up with her longterm boyfriend. Now, do I grow a set of grapes and actually make a move, or just let it linger on longer? Perhaps I’ll do what you did and if that ends it…oh well.

  4. NetChick

    Hey Spoonman, if you want my two cents worth, having been in exactly the opposite position to you — Do grab life by the short and curlies and tell her, but add in the part about you giving her some time to get over the long term situation. Who needs a rebound, when you actually care about that person. Worked well for me! (I’m glad that person gave me the space I needed, I mean, but was also very happy to hear his feelings, too!)

  5. Spoonman

    Thanks, NetChick. That is almost word for word the same advice that my sister gave me. My big fear was ending up as “rebound guy”…..’cause we all know it NEVER works out with rebound guy.

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