RHS #13 – Use your words, unless you don’t know them, then don’t.

7 thoughts on “RHS #13 – Use your words, unless you don’t know them, then don’t.”

  1. Hahah, I use gooder English in a bigly way! What a revolveration!


    Seriously though, I am inclined to believe that this shouldn’t be a “ridiculously high standard” per se – after all, “not sounding like an uneducated tard” shouldn’t be something you should have to seek as a “high standard” – it should be something *any* guy looking for a caliber partner should be able to accomplish!

  2. i suppose it depends on what context he used “symbiotic” since it is a real word meaning a coopterative relationship. if he used it in place of “symbolic” then, yeah, kick him in the grammar nads. otherwise, i’d be impressed he knew what symbiotic meant.

  3. “Kick him in the grammar nads”??

    The nitpicky one for me is “beg the question”. It’s a term in philosophy that means to assume your conclusion instead of proving it. It does *not* mean to “raise the question”, which is how I usually hear it.

  4. Yah, symbiotic is one of my favourite words. That, and hegemony. And I so rarely get to use them. So to hear it bastardized is quite upsetting!

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