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  1. VNC is essentially PC Anywhere, but free!

    The handy thing about it is that you can access it through a web browser, as it has a built in java version. So, even if you’re not at a computer where you can start installing crazy software, you can still access your desktop.

    It’s not quite as speedy as remote desktop, but it works pretty darn well. My roommate was using it for a while to work remotely from her girlfriends place (she was working from home at the time.) I used to run it on my parents old piece of crap computer so that when my mother called me for tech support, I could get frustrated with her and say “Look, turn off the freaking monitor, and walk away. I’ll fix it.” rather than walking her through it. Walking her through it was painful at best.

  2. Yeah, VNC is the way to go.

    Nothing beats the command line though ;). Not really an option for Windows people, but I can’t wait till my parents get a Mac. Then if they have a problem, I can ssh and fix it pretty quickly. Mel quite enjoys it when I fix problems on her linux box while she’s still using it.

  3. Nerd Alert…

    Go with UltraVNC, that’s my fav flavour of the various VNC’s. one nice feature of it is you can easily encrpyt traffic between the VNC server and client through the use of plugins. it was orginally built on Realvnc, but also allows such things as file transfers.

    instead of using the encryption plugin, or if you use a flavour of VNC that doesn’t offer encryption, setup a vpn to secure the connection between your work pc and your home pc.

    This product rocks.

    Point to Point VPN negotiator that works behind a NAT’d connection
    without the need to adjust firewall ports. So, you configure it to connect only to your home pc from the work pc and vice versa. then on either side you can initiate a secure connection.
    It’s very cool tech and from Vancouver too. 🙂

    Tan sent me btw.

  4. At first I thought that the remote connection to work was a great idea. I could check on processes, work from home if I needed to, and be able to fix things without having to go in to work itself.

    And then I discovered that my free time was leeching away…

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